Minimally Invasive Options: Surgery

  • Robot

  • Right chest approach

  • Others - TAVR

When you read the words “robotic heart surgery,” you might conclude that a robot will be performing the procedure. But, that’s only half right. While the robot offers precision of movement unmatched by any human, it still must be operated by a skilled surgeon.

Advantages of Robotic Surgery

Two of the primary advantages of robot-assisted surgery are:

  • A considerably shorter recovery time, on average
  • A few small scars as compared to a long incision through the breastbone

Of course, all surgery involves risk, but robotic heart surgery may be right for you for any of several heart surgeries.

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All surgery involves risk
Results may vary, including cosmetically. Serious complications may occur arising from any surgery, up to and including death. Talk to your doctor about surgical risks.

Imagine Heart Surgery without a Full Incision

Aortic Valve Replacements:
Of all the valves of the heart, the aortic valve is the most frequently diseased. As the average age of the population increases, aortic valve disease is becoming more common. The two basic types of aortic valve disease are aortic stenosis and aortic insufficiency.